Led by D. Vijayashree, Principal and a distinguished teacher, the teachers of JET School are appropriately qualified and richly experienced. They have a keen interest not only for teaching but also for continuously updating their knowledge in order keep pace with the changing demands of students. Our teachers are committed to continuously improve the quality of education at JET School. They regularly come with new insights and innovative approaches to make learning an enjoyable and rewarding experience for students. The management of the school too takes an active interest in updating the skill sets of teachers and thus regularly enrols them to refresher and training programmes.

01 Vijayashree D B.Sc.,B.Ed Principal Science, Maths
02 Ashok Kumar R B.A.,B.Ed TGT Kannada
03 Basamma B.Sc.,B.Ed TGT Science, Maths
04 Sunitha B S B.Sc.,B.Ed TGT Science, Maths
05 Mohan Kumar TGT English, Social
06 Roopa N B.A.,B.Ed TGT Kannada, English
07 Rajeshwari R B.Sc.,B.Ed PRT EVS, Maths
08 Sabeeha D F B.Sc.,B.Ed PRT Maths, Science
09 Mamatha B.Sc.,B.Ed PRT EVS, Maths
10 Ramya K N B.Sc.,B.Ed PRT Science, EVS
11 Laxmi Devi P D PUC..D.Ed PRT English, Kannada
12 Anitha V C PUC..D.Ed PRT Kannada
13 Shilpa R PUC..D.Ed PRT English
14 Roopa V B.A.,B.P.Ed PTI Physical Education

Pre-School Staff

01 Rajeshwari R M A
02 Rekha R D.Ed
03 Shwetha S D.Ed
04 Siddagangamma D.Ed
05 T Nagaveni B.A.

Co-Teaching Staff

01 Manjunath E Diploma in Computer Computer Teacher
02 Siddalingeswara Nayaka B.Sc, B.Ed In-charge, Co-curriculum

Non-Teaching Staff

01 Vinay B S JOC Transport In-charge

Refresher programmes undergone by our teachers

  • One week training programme run by Akshara Foundation run by Infosys
  • 20 days training organized by Askhara Foundation
  • 10 days training programme (Patha, Abhibyana, Samskruti) organized by Kinnara Mela at Tumuri, Western Ghats
  • 20-days training programme conducted by Swaroopa Education Foundation in Mangalore. The training focuses on last, below average and slow learners in all classes.
  • 3 day-training conducted by Euro Kids, Bengaluru
  • 1-day training conducted by Karadi Path Education Company Ltd. at JET campus

Teaching Methodology

Unique, Innovative and Inspiring

The school uses innovative teaching methodologies, applies the principal of transformational education and focuses on giving individual attention to each student. Teachers are encouraged to develop imaginative approach to teaching and students are encouraged to interact with teachers without inhibitions. Emphasis is given to conceptual and interactive learning. The teaching techniques are designed to develop inquisitiveness and problem solving abilities in students.

JET CBSE School Chitradurga Teaching